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It's more than a logo!

Your brand differentiates your firm and defines expectations. Perception is reality when it comes to business; what your clients perceive to be your brand, whether it’s your presentation, communication or behavior, ultimately IS your brand.

We are experts helping Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa and St. Pete businesses create and enhance the brand that defines their business.

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Your Brand is the Key to Higher Profit Margins

Your future customers have unlimited ways in which to spend their money. When they have a need that your business can serve, your branding plays a key role. Your BRAND is what sets you apart in their mind as being the BEST option to fulfill their need. Your firm can charge premium pricing and gain repeat business by consistently delivering the brand experience your customers want.

Branding is EVERYTHING Your Customers See and Experience

Marketing plays a huge role in branding, but it's only part of the puzzle. Your branding also incorporates how your business looks, how your employees dress and behave, and the quality of your goods and services. It is, put simply, how people feel about your firm based on all they know.

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To Illustrate Branding...

For the purposes of helping Sun Coast businesses understand branding, imagine XYZ Air Conditioning Repair, a residential service business. This fictional firm has built their brand around being "on time, courteous and professional" in their marketing. This is an appropriate brand message for this type of business in Florida.

A young Sarasota homeowner realizes her AC is not working and calls XYZ AC Repair because her expectation is that they will send someone out who arrives promptly and will quickly and professionally address the fact the AC is not working. To her dismay, the company sends out a tech who is an hour late, is rather rude, and constantly spits on the ground outside. These disappointing behaviors prompt the homeowner to demand that the tech leave her home immediately.

Clearly, the expectation created by the company’s brand message was not fulfilled during this service call. What’s worse is that the expectation for future interaction is now sullied by this customer’s bad experience. This is a terrible brand experience that could have been easily avoided by the technician.

The homeowner still needs her AC repaired, so she calls another repair company whose trucks she’s seen around her neighborhood recently. This (also fictional) company is Cool Air & Repair and their brand message is "reliable and friendly AC service." In a short period of time, a well-groomed and competent technician arrives and courteously greets the homeowner. She tells him of her problem while the tech listens intently, politely asking questions as needed for clarity. He quickly identifies and repairs the problem and the homeowner smiles with relief as she feels the cool air coming from her vents.

After cleaning up his work area and packing tools, the technician explains in clear, professional language what caused the problem, describes the repairs he completed and offers to come back if there are further difficulties. The homeowner is very pleased with the visit and makes a point of asking for a refrigerator magnet so she can easily call if she has problems in the future. This is a branding message fulfilled!

Marketing and branding are two equal parts of the whole, working in tandem to present your brand’s overall messaging. Together, they work to create realistic and positive expectations of your customer's brand experience. What it comes down to is building a preference for your firms products and services, which is accomplished with exceptional follow-through and ethical business practices.

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It's About Simplicity, Cohesion and Distinction

Your customers, like everyone in today's world, are constantly bombarded by marketing messages. If asked, most people will say they are “very good” at ignoring marketing, but research and experience expose that sentiment as an illusion. Smart Florida business owners know that good marketing works.

Time, marketing budgets and customer’s attention spans are limited. One of the key aspects of your brand message is to build it around the absolute essential. It is the simple and clear brand message that sticks and the complex and poorly defined message that is ignored.

Everything your customers see, hear, feel and experience about your firm needs to be consistent in message, color and design. The sign on your building, your website, the design on your trucks must all consistently reflect your company’s brand across platforms and mediums. Every piece of marketing, whether it’s online, printed, on vehicles and anywhere else MUST align with your core messaging and design theme.

Effective marketing showcases how your firm is different and better. You have to create a distinction between your firm and the competition in terms of what’s most important to your customers. Whatever your messaging is meant to convey needs to be consistent and distinctive as well as provide value to your customers.

Vivid Studios are experts at helping Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa and St. Pete businesses create, evolve and enhance their brands.