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Online Strategy

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.

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We help you prioritize and set goals that can be met through effective web marketing.

Vivid Studios is comprised of marketing and web professionals who will energize your web presence and bring new business to your firm through visually stunning, dynamic website layouts, thought-provoking social media content, inspired online advertising and professional-level video production.

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10 Steps to a Successful Online Presence:

Identify your business goals
Identify your target audience
Develop a visually attractive & functional website
Create interesting & relevant content
Set up and nurture social media accounts
Create ways to get news coverage and web mentions
Engage your target customers
Monitor website and social media data
Evolve, enhance and spread your influence online

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Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Success with web marketing begins by realizing there are some battles you can win and some you can't. Don't fight and die charging your competitor's castle when you should be building your own fortress while making the people of your kingdom love you.

Web marketing is about being smart and finding the easier and less expensive way to attract customers and building your business.

Let us show you how!

Fresh Hot Content is the Secret to Internet Marketing Done Right

Identifying your target audience and laying out a plan of action is just the beginning. A successful online presence requires consistent contribution and monitoring on your part to ensure that it continues to grow in a positive way.

The online competition is fierce, so staying on top of search engine algorithms requires constant review, revision and evolution. Vivid Studios knows how to keep your website on top. We monitor your website and modify our approach appropriately to keep your business visible and get you noticed.

Strategic Online Marketing

Many online marketers make the mistake of applying the old ‘spray-and-pray’ technique of old-school marketing. They aren’t sure what aspects of advertising or marketing is best for them, so they do it all and hope one works. What they fail to understand is that if their target audience is not on Twitter, or if they are writing uninteresting posts, they are essentially wasting their resources.

By identifying your target audience and catering to where they are and what they need, your time and money will be used much more efficiently. The old adage applies to today’s marketing: work smarter, not harder. What works for your business begins with knowing how to reach your audience effectively. At Vivid Studios, we have a group of internet marketing experts who will meet with you to identify and analyze your audience, formulate a marketing strategy and, in time, propel your business to new heights.

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"Strategy is about shaping the future”

- Max McKeown, writer, consultant and researcher specializing in innovation strategy, Warkick Business School