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Responsive Design

If Your Website Isn't Responsive, What Are You Waiting For?

Responsive custom websites by Vivid Studios in Sarasota, FL

Responsive design means that your website design adapts to the device it is being viewed on. In today’s mobile web world, if your website is not responsive, you're falling behind the needs of your customers.

Vivid Studios is a Sarasota, Florida-based design firm with great expertise in responsive web design.

Responsive website design in Sarasota, FL

Think "Mobile First" for Your Website

Back in the days when people "surfed the web" on their desktop computers, it was fine to have one design, and frankly, it was the only option, as mobile web browsing hadn’t been popularized. Now, people view websites on a variety of devices from smartphones to large high-definition monitors.

Your business needs a website that adapts for optimal viewing. Another important consideration is that on tablet and phones, navigation must be implemented differently due to the differences between a finger and a cursor as well as the fact that hovering isn’t an option when there is no mouse component. There are bandwidth issues to consider as well; for mobile viewers, you generally need a smaller payload for each page so it loads quickly.

Modern websites are made of a single, dynamic website that senses and adapts for proper display on the device that is browsing it. There is a lot of complexity involved in scaling the site down appropriately for tablet and phone visitors, but that is part of the process that professional web experts fully understand.

Top 4 Advantages of Responsive Websites

Countless Reasons to Serve Your Customers Responsively!

Google recommends that all websites be mobile-friendly.
Google also provides an edge in web rankings for sites that are mobile. If you want to appear in search results, you should listen to Google, as it features responsive websites more prominently in local search results.

User Experience
Responsive design is smart design; a responsive website is able to detect the screen size that is viewing it and loads the appropriate layout. This ensures that the user can access information that is easy to read and navigate.

Faster Load Time & Less Data Usage
Responsive design layouts are optimized, which means portions of the websites change depending on the device. Optimized elements include smaller images for smaller screens, shortened text versions and omission of unnecessary design elements in favor of UX.

Future Compatibility
Responsive design adapts to the size of the screen, making it compatible with any new device introduced in the future. The days of having to code websites for individual phone types are long past. The rendering engines in mobile browsers in conjunction with design techniques greatly advanced the technology towards making mobile websites consistent and stable.

Responsive website design Sarasota

Responsive Websites Built Right

At Vivid Studios, we utilize Bootstrap – an HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. Bootstrap is not a template; rather, it is a set of accepted standards that are known to be highly-effective across all devices. Unlike many of our competitors who opt for template-based, cookie-cutter website creation tools such as WordPress or Wix, we choose Bootstrap because it is 100% customizable and much more secure. Our website design professionals personally craft each website to deliver a design that is unique and functions perfectly on all devices and browsers.

Still Not Convinced That You Need a Responsive Website?

Florida residents, tourists and visitors are looking for your service or product on a smart phone right now. They are much more likely to take action in this moment if you make it easy for them to do so.

Vivid Studios is here to help all Florida Gulf Coast businesses with a new responsive website and an integrated web marketing strategy.