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Search Engine Optimization

The fight for top rankings for relevant keywords is a battle that never ends!

SEO is a pivotal component of all effective web marketing efforts.

It is really quite simple. If your website does not achieve quality rankings for the keywords that are most important for your local, regional or national market - your business will not be successful.

Search engine algorithms do all they can to reflect the true stature of a business in their markets with appropriate rankings, but you have to help them with the process.

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Professional SEO web services in Sarasota, FL

Hire an experienced SEO company for the success of your business

SEO involves many different practices that can be implemented to improve the rank of your website.

From ethical off-page efforts, such as building quality links and search engine submission, to on-page SEO operations, like keyword research, writing original interesting content and geo-tagging, effective SEO requires careful planning and research by professionals who are up-to-date on the newest search engine technology developments and well-versed in SEO best practices.

The way search engines determine your site‘s search ranking changes frequently. It is a closely-held secret exactly how the rankings are decided, but the results make it pretty easy to understand what each new search engine algorithm is putting emphasis on and what it is not. One thing we’ve learned through experience is that rankings go up and down after each algorithmic update, and it is important to stay on top by constant monitoring and effective tweaking as needed.

Vivid Studios implements the ethical and professional SEO tactics to get your business noticed in search results.

SEO is an Ongoing Process

There is no permanent formula for SEO’s constantly-evolving best practices

Search engines consist of two parts: a crawler, which scans and indexes pages, and an algorithm, which uses a complex formula to determine the relevancy of your website as it relates to a search query.

The SEO professionals at Vivid Studios stay up-to-date on all the best techniques to keep you on top of your competition.

Fresh, Original Content is the Key to Traffic and Rankings

Every time a search is performed through a search engine, the search engine’s bots "crawl" billions of websites in seconds to retrieve pages that are most relevant to the search query. This is where quality original content is key. When your content is relevant and well-organized, it’s more easily found by the bots, and thus your page ends up in the results.

Interesting, informative and engaging content attracts visitors (traffic). The search engines look at your traffic history as votes of popularity, so building and maintaining strong traffic for a long period of time is important to ensure even more traffic in the future.

One-Time SEO vs. Continuous SEO: Sometimes Good Enough is Enough

Every new website that Vivid Studios creates is developed using best practices for SEO. Sometimes this is all our client needs, based on how competitive their market is and the goals they have for their website.

More often, our clients want their websites to be a means of attracting new business. For these clients, we offer monthly SEO services in which we analyze their SEO performance, implement new trends and techniques and write new meaningful content based on keyword research. Our SEO team can help you discover what is right for your business.

Why Choose Our Sarasota SEO Company?

When you hire Sarasota-based Vivid Studios, you get access to a team of experienced and talented SEO experts. We are not some unknown, disembodied voice talking to you from who knows where – we are here with you on Florida’s Sun Coast and we will become an irreplaceable ally to your business.

While you will hear from us frequently via phone or email, we’ll also meet with you in person or over video call on a monthly basis to go over the past month as well as set goals for the future. You will understand what we are doing and see the results in your bottom line. You will get to know the members of our team and truly understand the dynamics that are in play as we push you to the top in a manner that is both ethical and in alignment with search engine guidelines.