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Web Video Creates New Customers!

Vivid Studios professional video production services in Sarasota, FL

The fact is that your customers would rather watch a video than read a wall of text on your website. No matter the kind of business you have on the Florida Gulf Coast, high-quality videos have a major role to play in your web marketing success.

Our artistry and expertise will attract, engage and activate your customers with quality videos that set your firm apart.

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Supercharge Your Web Presence with Video!

End-to-End Video Production Services

We produce videos of any complexity, length or budget creating powerful, professional videos for use with:

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Shortlist Presentations
  • Recruiting
  • Email Campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • TV Commercials
Video Production Services Sarasota
Youtube video production services in Bradenton, FL

YouTube Wins the Long-Term Love ❤

It is not just web pages that show up in search results. Properly prepared and tagged videos can appear at the top of search engine rankings while also increasing the authority of your web presence.

Video offers an experience unlike any other because it is remarkably descriptive, entertaining and informative.

Video Pre-Production

Before we write one word of a script or plan a single shot, we first determine the GOAL of the video. The emotions we want to elicit, the buyers we are targeting and the actions we want them to take are all part of what drives the story we create on screen.

With the business objectives of the video foremost in our collective mind, the conceptualization, writing, story boarding and shot planning begins.

Studio or Location Shooting

Despite what pop culture may lead you to believe, quality video production requires more than an idea and an iPhone.

Creating quality videos that elevate your firm and its offerings requires skilled technicians, detailed planning, ideal locations, well-thought-out shot plans, talented actors, sophisticated camera, lighting, and audio equipment and much more. We find the process exciting, and we’re confident you’ll have fun going through it with us.

Video Post-Production

This is where video, audio, graphics, animation, music and sound effects come together in the editing suite. There is tremendous artistry in the timing and placement of a video’s elements, which is why our work is exemplary.

Everything we do in pre-production and when we are shooting is designed to make post-production run smoothly.